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Studying Nervous System Electromagnetic Fields (Emf) With The Neuromodulator

Abstract: The nervous system is known to communicate with both electrical stimuli and chemical messengers and recently was shown to utilize natural oscillating cells that produce electromagnetic fields to coordinate brain activity. Neuroscientists have studied and measured the electrical properties as well as the electromagnetic fields from regions of cells in the nervous system but not non-invasively in real time from individual cells in the intact living human. Furthermore, scientists have begun to alter the cellular electromagnetic signatures for therapeutic purposes. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to determine on a cellular and local area basis the electrical information metabolism that occurs not only in the normal state but also in the diseased state. Without knowing and analyzing normal and diseased data scientist cannot adequately construct therapeutic strategies that attempt to treat the altered brain electromagnetic fields. Technology has recently advanced enough to allow such construction and the concurrent initiation of a new field of study.

History and Current Methods: The brain, spinal cord and nerves are made of material that conducts electricity easily and acts as an electrical circuit. The electric flow is the complex interaction of chemicals, proteins and structures of the nervous system. Modern man's nervous system connections are slightly different from other forms of non-mammalian life, in which there is direct electrical conduction across very small gaps. In man and other mammals the synaptic transmission between the nervous system wiring, works additionally by chemical transmission. Such an added level of complexity permits the brain to carry on procedures at synchronous times, processing greater amounts of information, essentially needed in an ever-expanding lifestyle.

In addition to electrical and chemical methods of brain communication, a third level of complex brain interaction may exist in modern man. Man's brain may communicate with frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, just as a radio does. Thought processes and actions occur at multiple sites in the brain simultaneously. These areas are not chemically connected, and any electrical connection is long and circuitous; therefore, the nervous system uses its innate cellular frequencies to pass information over distances to multiple areas in synchronization. Information may not just be hard wired but may be transmitted over short distances as well using the natural electric field of the cells. Ehud Ahissar of the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot Israel wrote in the 1997 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they found that certain circuits in the brain work on the same principle as an FM radio. The brain cells oscillate at certain frequencies and that that timing is necessary to coordinate the activity. The frequencies are determined on the cellular level by the genetic code of the cell.

Medical science has a history of several thousand years. During this time people were continuously treated with drugs and surgery. Surgery has been and is currently being performed with a knife, usually cutting away tissue, rarely adding material. Some diseases are treated with lasers, ultrasonic dissectors and even focused beam radiation. Lesions can be grossly removed but not on a cellular level and therefore, most cancers remain incurable. When cancer is treated with chemotherapy the whole body is affected; it is hard to target a specific organ, tissue or cell. The second era of medicine will begin when these sites can be targeted but only after the sites are fully understood. Life must be understood as it affects the whole body, the organs, the tissues, the cells and the molecules, and then use this information to control each of these and the entire body.

This is not an unusual concept and is currently widely employed. Neuroscientists must first perceive the electric fields and their frequencies, and then man must understand the electromagnetic information before the neurons can be modified to treat diseased states. Electromagnetic information and forces are constantly utilized in medicine. Ultrasound is used to investigate and treat, radiation is used to diagnose and cure and electricity is used to understand and to control. MRI scanners depend upon the natural vibrational signal of hydrogen. There has already been precedence exploring the resonance of targets and influencing those targets with the same vibration. Just as two opposite vibrational sound waves make silence together, a specific frequency may silence a deadly killer or bring back the sweet sound of life. A type of electrical energy called a pulsed electromagnet field (PEMF) is used in spinal cord stimulators to relieve pain, in bone stimulators to heal non-unions, in tremors to calm the hands and in the heart to capture a beat.

The PEMF fields can be generated under various conditions forming purely electrical, magnetic or radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. Pulse electrical magnetic fields are athermal energy, energy without heat, and have been used since the 1970's to help heal bony non-unions. Each time that there is an electrical field there is also a magnetic field; similarly a varying electrical field causes a varying magnetic field. The type of pulsed electromagnetic fields discussed here are only one portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses the electricity in houses, radio stations, microwaves, visible light, x-rays and gamma rays. Specifically, radio frequencies (RF) usually denote the electromagnetic range from 10KHz to 100,000 MHz. Slower frequencies are known as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF). In the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, there is a wide range of varying electrical fields. The most commonly studied electrical potentials are those obtained from the brain through the scalp. These are not specific frequencies nor even groups of frequencies; the measurements are electrical potentials, the change in the amount of electricity over time.