The Neuroscience Investigators and Faculty

The Neuroscience Investigators and Faculty
  • Dr. Ali Abazari
  • Dr. Gana Breland
  • Dr. John Cantando
  • Dr. Dennis Cramer
  • Dr. Bruce Everett
  • Dr. Todd Goldenberg
  • Dr. Silvio Hosek
  • Dr. Daniel Hutton
  • Dr. Jeff Jones
  • Dr. Rosalinda Menoni
  • Dr. Dan Miulli
  • Dr. Chinyere Obasi
  • Dr. Lynn Serrano
  • Dr. Javed Siddiqi
  • Dr. Gayatri Sonti
  • Dr. John Spitalieri
  • Dr. Margaret Wacker
  • Dr. Darryl Warner
  • Dr. Daniel Won
  • Dr. Paulino Yanez
  • Dr. Shokei Yamada

Our faculty's has demonstrated that they are well-trained and highly competent physicians. They specialize research, education and patient care. When providing patient care they use state-of-the-art techniques and procedures. The neurosciences are constantly developing, and our neuroscientists are dedicated to utilizing proven medical advances that help improve the outcomes for patients, whether with research, education or direct care.

The art of medicine continuously expands requiring education and the aspiration of excellence. The Faculty are teachers, providing guidance to residents doctors who are pursuing expertise in a specific area. As such these mentors must maintain higher standards.